Summer Associate Program

About Our Program

Our summer program is designed to provide talented law students with a hands-on introduction to our firm. We seek law students with outstanding academic achievement, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and students who are interested in civic involvement. Although academic achievement is an important component of the success of any potential lawyer, we realize that it is not the sole indicator of success. At McCandlish Holton we look for prospective attorneys who possess more than just excellent academic credentials. We value individuals who possess exceptional leadership qualities and an entrepreneurial spirit that sets them apart from their peers. Generally, we consider second year law students for summer associate positions; however, occasionally, we will consider first year law students.

The summer associate program typically runs from late May through the middle of August. However, summer associates are also able to split summers, upon request.

Summer Associate Projects

Summer associates are afforded the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of practice groups. Further, summer associates are encouraged to work on projects in the practice areas in which they have the greatest interest. Our assignment system is designed to allow each summer associate to explore numerous practice areas. Summer associates can expect substantive assignments on par with those given to junior associates and are often asked to join attorneys in attending hearings, depositions, client meetings, and transactional closings, when appropriate.

Additionally, each summer associate is matched with an attorney mentor. Through the mentoring program, each summer associate receives invaluable direction on balancing workload, integrating into the Richmond community, and setting and achieving professional development goals. McCandlish Holton’s firm culture distinguishes us from other top law firms as we highly value our employees’ quality of life. One way we introduce our summer associates to this benefit is through a variety of planned and impromptu social events.

Throughout the summer, each associate will be provided with feedback from attorneys on their work assignments. At the end of the program, all attorneys will complete a final evaluation of each associate and an exit interview is conducted with the summer associate coordinator.

McCandlish Holton offers a competitive salary for summer associates. If a summer associate is ultimately invited to join the firm as a full-time associate, we further provide an attractive benefits package, as well as a signing bonus to reimburse the new associate for bar-related expenses and moving costs.

Applying for the Summer Associate Program

McCandlish Holton traditionally participates in On-Campus Interview programs and Job Fairs throughout the year.

If you have questions regarding the summer associate program please contact our Recruiting Manager at