Government Relations

This team brings a variety of key skills and experiences to effect legislative and regulatory action for its clients. We have extensive contacts with state and local policymakers and a range of substantive legal experience in order to represent clients in full-service legislative advocacy, monitoring and regulatory review. Our public policy expertise as consultants and lobbyists enhances our clients’ business interests as corporate citizens in all levels of interaction with government.

Our Government Relations Team includes:

Examples of our client services include:

  • Negotiated Rulemaking/Regulatory Reform: We collaborate with federal, state and local regulators to negotiate effective, fair rules and assist clients in navigating SCC trade, health and safety, professional and environmental regulations.
  • Permitting Assistance: We work closely with the State Corporation Commission, local governments and other regulatory agency contacts to expedite the issuance of government licenses and permits.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring: We provide "early warning" services, as well as routine tracking of industry developments.
  • Inter-Governmental Cooperation: We coordinate government relations strategies among all three levels of government and between localities.
  • Liaison to Public Officials: We maintain strong, effective relationships with Virginia government officials, including the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and their staffs; Cabinet Secretaries, General Assembly members, the State Corporation Commission, state agency leadership, local governing bodies, and citizen board members.
  • Government Contracting: We assist clients in marketing goods and services to government entities.
  • Grassroots Response: We are capable of developing statewide grassroots support on issues with "rapid response" time.
  • PPEA/PPTA: We assist clients with preparation of bids and negotiation of contracts, and provide agency and lobbying services through the approval process under the Public-Private Transportation Act and Public-Private Educational Facilities Infrastructure Act.

We provide services in a variety of areas that include:

  • Energy—State Corporation Commission issues; exploration and production; pipelines; eminent domain; electric and natural gas industry restructuring.
  • Telecommunications—licenses and collocation agreements; wireless; local and interexchange carriers.
  • Environmental—air, water and waste permitting; compliance and regulatory policy.
  • Health Care—provider regulation; licensure and certification; Medicare/Medicaid payments.
  • Real Estate/Land Use—land title issues; land use and zoning entitlement issues; real estate finance; commercial transactions.
  • Insurance—licensure; compliance and regulatory aspects of health insurance - indemnity, PPOs and HMOs.
  • Government Contracting and Procurement—bid preparation; agency interfacing; appeals.
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Transportation/Infrastructure—Public-Private Transportation Act; Public-Private Educational Facilities Infrastructure Act; application preparation; contract negotiations; funding allocations.
  • Trade Associations—taxation and administration.
  • Taxation and Government Finance—state and local tax legislation; appropriations; tax credits.
  • Gaming—horse racing regulation.
  • Voting Rights & Districts/Campaigning—legislative redistricting; campaign finance; political action committee.
  • Economic Development—incentives; enterprise zones; Governor's Opportunity Fund; international trade and investment.
  • Retirement Program and Annuities—lobbying on programs and contributions.

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