IMMIGRATION UPDATE:Admin Backs Off Proposal to Eliminate Extension of H-1B Visas Beyond 6 Year Limit

For weeks, rumors have been circulating that U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) planned to eliminate extensions of stay for H-1B workers beyond the normal 6 year limit.  Current law allows H-1B workers to extend their H-1B status beyond the normal 6 year limit if (1) they have an application for permanent residence that has been pending for at least 1 year, or (2) they are unable to complete the green card process because of limited “per country” quotas on green card issuance. 

Rumors were circulating that USCIS, under pressure from the Trump administration, intended to reduce or eliminate the ability of H-1B workers to extend their status beyond 6 years.  Last night, a spokesman for USCIS announced that no such plans are currently being considered.  This is good news for H-1B workers, and for employers who rely on the expertise of highly skilled H-1B employees.